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Conklin Custom Shops Basses

     Conklin has become famous for pushing the limits and extending the boundaries of traditional thinking regarding electric guitars and basses. The following galleries showcase some of the shining examples of our abilities including "Melted Tops", extended range instruments, custom electronics, custom inlays, unique bodystyles and an array of stunning exotic woods and special finishes.

     In order to improve the web loading times we have split the instruments into string groups. Please keep in mind all of these instruments are built to specific customer specifications. Feel free to look through all the galleries for inspiration. Just because you are looking for a 6 string doesn't mean you won't find a 9 string that has the look or electronics you are looking for, or vice versa. In fact we have had numerous people draw inspiration from our guitar gallery for their bass and the other way around.

4 and 5 String Basses

6 and 7 String Basses

8 String Basses and Beyond